What we want and what is our main goal ?  We are a family. A team of music producers, art directors, dancers, designers, video directors, you name it. Our main goal is to help talented people that don’t have the opportunity to share their creativity through distribution or give their work a finished look through a music video or anything like that.

Are you a music producer but don’t have the right vocal for your track ? No worries. We can do that together if we like your track and we’ll find the right vocal for it.

Are you a singer but don’t have a right track for your ideas/toplines ? Again, no worries. We can do it together if we like your ideas. We’ll produce you a track.

Are you a creator overall and want people to know about your work ? We can do that, together of course ! Being in this industry is not easy and we’re aware of that. We’ve been active in this industry for more than 10 years, each and one of us got through good and bads. We want to help you get rid of those -bads- and jump directly to the goods.

If you are a music producer or a singer, please send us your demos under this e-mail:  Make sure you put in the subject of the e-mail “#itsathrap – (your song title)” just to know what to expect.
Or submit your demo here :

Genres we’re looking for: Hip-Hop, Trap, G-House, anything with a fat rounded low end 😀

Languages: Romanian, English, doesn’t really matter. We’re open. Music is an universal language anyway. If we like it, we’re gonna get back to you and see where we can go from there. This is just the beginning of a new project.

It’s a Thrap and we want this to be different.